Trend Magazine Online -- FAQ's

Trend Magazine Online -- FAQ's

How often is Trend Magazine Online published?

Monthly, year round.!

How can I find a back issue?

To access our back issues archive click here.

Who reads Trend Magazine Online?

Our current readers are mainly Americans, however, we are expanding our reach beyond the U.S. borders by covering people, places, and things from around the globe. To help us just click here.

Can anyone submit an article or story idea?

Of course, we encourage ideas and input from anyone pertaining to entertainment, travel, or leisure.

How long will my article appear in Trend Magazine Online?

Forever and a day or when we run out of bandwidth whichever comes first.

Will I still own the copyright and can I submit my article to another medium or publication?

Yes, we will credit you as the author as long as the work is indeed yours and no one else can claim any rights, and if so you will be allowed to publish elsewhere.

Do you compensate writers, if yes, how much?

We typically do not compensate writers currently, however, we may on a case by case basis if the need arises. The pay will be commensurate on the level, scope, and length of the work.

Why do you feature only one article per category; e.g. Review, interview, article?

Currently our resources are limited and as such we are limited to the content and formats presented. We do have plans to expand our content if and when the demand/readership increases nationally and/or worldwide.

Do you hire mystery shoppers for your reviews?

Not currently, however, we do plan to hire reliable and professional mystery shoppers in the future if and when demand/readership increases nationally and/or worldwide.

What areas of the world does Trend Magazine Online cover?

We cover from the U.S. to China and all places in between and around.

Can I list my business or event in Trend Magazine Online, if yes, what is the cost?

Yes, you can currently list your travel, leisure, or entertainment oriented business or event in Trend Magazine Online for free for now. There may be a cost added in the future if and when demand/readership increases nationally and/or worldwide. Display advertising is currently available for a fee. Click here for the rates for advertising on our main site. Note: The rates for Trend Magazine Online will be much less once you decide on a package.