Trend Magazine Online -- About Us

Trend Magazine Online -- About Us

About Us:

Alas the revival of Trend Magazine has become a reality! Our site has been up for quite some time, however, we have decided to provide continuous updates and new content. Technology has certainly changed immensely since our publication was shelved after the Spring 1993 edition. For instance, producing a full color photograph on the front cover of our old print editions required an expensive process called color separation. This archaic process involved an additional printer/person who possessed a very expensive camera that would produce four sheets of film -- one for each basic color. Each basic color then required a separate metal plate to print your four color photo. The entire composition would sometimes take several days to complete and could cost as much as $500.00 or more for one cover photo. Today this process is available at the click of a mouse and can be performed in seconds by a computer that costs less than the cost of producing one full color photo. It is for that reason that we have decided to revive our magazine in an online format first and if a demand exists, we will follow-up with a print version. Our online format will -- to a certain extent -- follow the format of our past printed versions and will include interesting facts about the people, places, and things that we cover.

Click to Enlarge Photo -- Trend Magazine -- Winter 1993

Trend Magazine
Winter 1993 -- 7th Edition

This next to the last original print edition features Mr. Melvin Tennant; former -- and first African-American -- President & CEO of the now defunct Charlotte Convention and Visitors Bureau, and first to break the color barrier nationwide; who is now leading Visit Minneapolis in Minnesota.

Our History:

This publication was first produced in the winter of 1991 as The Guide to Black Charlotte and was the first distributed magazine targeting African-Americans in Charlotte, NC, and first publication across-the-board to feature singles advertising. Back then the city of Charlotte suffered from the old holier-than-thou complex and people looked down on folks advertising themselves for dates and likened it to prostitution. In fact, it was so bad that a local church cancelled their pending subscription order because we featured a model in swimwear. My God! Ooops! I occasional read some of our old editions and wonder what happened to the folks and businesses that we covered back then in the early 1990's when Charlotte did not even appear on the national weather map and people would confuse it with Charleston, SC, or Charleston, WV.
The Mayor of Charlotte back then (1991) was the honorable Sue Myrick who today is still doing her thing as a North Carolina State Congresswoman. By the way, she is the first and only female Mayor in Charlotte history,and was nice enough to provide us with a signed welcome letter dated January 11, 1991. I wonder what it would fetch on eBay today? That first edition in the winter of 1991 featured an article on the old Charlotte Coliseum which was still new -- Opened 1988 -- and had replaced the Independence Arena -- Now Bojangle's Arena -- as the venue for basketball, most big concerts, and shows like the Ringling Brother's and Barnum and Bailey Circus. In addition, it was the first home of the former Charlotte Hornet's NBA (National Basketball Association) men's professional team. That edition also featured an article -- written by myself -- on First Fridays which I have heard is still functioning, an articles on the now defunct Ubiquitous (art) Gallery on 7th Street; the defunct West Fest, Clinton Chapel A.M.E. Zion Church, and the late Mr. John McDonald of the now defunct McDonald's Cafeteria on Beatties Ford Road. Madam C.J. Walker (Black millionaire cosmetics manufacturer, 1869-1919) was the featured inventor.


We will also feature articles and reviews written by our staff -- and you -- that are accompanied by amateur and professional photography. You will be notified of new material added to our site after you have joined our email list. If you own or manage a travel-related business in one of the areas that we cover, make sure that you take advantage of our FREE business listing. In addition, you can now list your travel or tourism related event on our online calendar in areas that we cover. Our goal is to keep our information and content fresh and exciting; therefore, we need your continued assistance by way of comments and suggestions. We are aware that there are seemingly as many travel-related publications and web sites out there as there are coffee houses in urban America; however, we plan to ensure that we feature people, places, and things that span a wide variety of cultural spectrums.

Best regards,
J. Whipple

Click to Enlarge Photo -- Trend Magazine -- Spring 1993

Trend Magazine
Spring 1993 -- 8th Edition

This last edition features Mr. Mike Gunn former Sales Director at the Omni Charlotte Hotel. He is now working in the industry in Birmingham, AL, and is still a nice person to know.

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