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Welcome to our latest travel edition! This year is promised to be jammed packed full of intriguing and interesting travel options for you and your family, friends, and associates at home and around the globe. On that note, you can travel to your favorite or new favorite destination via our discount travel portal where you can travel for less while enjoying all of the amenities offered at full price.

As promised we have set up our first tour in Sunny South Florida and on Saturday December 27, 2014 we completed our inaugural QCT Miami Daily City Tour™.

The first segment of our second tour debuted on Tuesday February 27, 2018, and is the first GPS-guided tour on Miami's rich Black history and culture. You can currently enjoy this tour for FREE at QCT Miami Daily Black Heritage Tour™.

You may have noticed that we have replaced the old pictorial array of content in this edition in favor of our new WOW-Slider gizmo located to the left and just below the navigation buttons. You can see this new gizmo in action by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the graphic. In addition, if you click on any Read More link at the end of each article or the Main Site ePub link on the left and up, you will be directed to our main site where you will notice a big difference in our design which is more updated and presented in a more magazine-like format.

In this edition we feature our newest or a re-published travel article on someone or place in a unique destination around the world. We also include a new or re-published exclusive travel interview with an intriguing person or place somewhere around the globe. Our new or re-published exclusive travel review about a unique travel site, entertainment venue, or eatery. Our travel news includes an international, national, and regional report on travel-related information here and abroad.

Next month we will feature another exclusive or re-published travel article on a unique person, place, or thing; present another exclusive travel interview with someone in the tourism, entertainment, or leisure industry, and a new or re-published travel review of yet another unique person, place, or thing.

Our condolences to the friends, family members, associates, and fans of our latest celebrity loss(es). See below for an update. May they all Rest In Peace from Trend Magazine Online™.

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Our e-zine is an online entertainment, travel, and leisure magazine devoted to world-wide entertainment, travel and leisure.

This e-zine has been in the works for quite some time now and we are excited that it is now a reality. The content in our e-zine come from a wide variety of sources: some we will write ourselves, some written by associates, and some contributed by other Internet users just like you.

I hope that you thoroughly enjoy this e-zine. Be sure to send us an email to let us know what you think (or to contribute articles or ideas involving world-wide entertainment, travel and leisure).We will be updating this site monthly, so check back often!

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In Memory Of:

Mr. Roger Gilbert Bannister
03/23/1929 - 03/03/2018
Actor, Runner (Mile in under 4 minutes; 1954)

Roger Bannister
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